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Osibodu & Associates Exporting USA, LLC

Welcome to the homepage of Osibodu & Associates Exporting USA, LLC (also doing business as “Osibodu & Associates”). Osibodu & Associates is an International Trade Company and Service Provider based in Tampa, Florida that identifies both the sales opportunities for U.S. manufacturers and the demands in Nigeria and other African countries for U.S. manufactured products. To meet Nigeria's significant demand for infrastructure development, we specialize in importing construction building products and agricultural fertilizers, as well as various other commodities relating to infrastructure development.

Contact a member of our import/export company today to learn how we can help you or simply request a quote to export goods from the U.S. or to import goods to Africa.

Export Market Solutions (EMS)

Osibodu & Associates unveiled a new program to offer U.S. manufacturers more encompassing trade service. The Export Market Solutions (EMS) program offers an array of new services which assures the best results for trade between the United States and West Africa. The program provides U.S. manufacturers, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, an opportunity to expand and grow their business in new markets.

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